Bowflex TreadClimber Reviews: How Well Does It Work?

by Kurt Mattice on April 26, 2019


  • Assembly. It is quite time-consuming and a bit difficult for purchasers to assemble the machine although you can refer to the detailed assembly manual.
  • Size. Although relatively compact, it is still space-consuming and may not be suitable for those living in apartments or limited areas.
  • Price. Home gyms are usually costly and the Bowflex TreadClimber is no exception. The company, however, offers financing plans.

Real User Reviews

This equipment is already accepted worldwide so it’s not difficult to find Bowflex TreadClimber reviews to help substantiate manufacturer claims. Here I gathered a few excerpts from people who have already tried the equipment and these actually sum up the majority’s opinion.

This user says it takes getting used to…

Does It Really Work?

Real user experiences only prove that the concept of the machine and the exercises you can do with it are actually able to deliver positive results. You will have to be committed to use it regularly though otherwise you can do with a simpler machine.

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