Ab Circle Pro: What You Don’t Know

Hi there! If you landed on this page eyeing to buy the Ab Circle Pro, you will find out here whether it’s smart to take a bet on this exercise machine or smarter to consider other alternatives. Getting a workout machine is a good start to realizing your fitness and health goals but getting the right equipment will help you get closer to them. Let’s find out if this is the product to help you. (Updated for 2013)

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What is Ab Circle Pro?

Ab Circle Pro is a fitness machine that supposedly provides abdominal and cardio exercises focusing on working your abs, hips, buttocks, and thighs using its circular force technique. The machine is marketed as a treadmill for the abdominal muscles but because it combines abdominal and heart-pumping exercises, this equipment does not only help you tone your abs but it also helps to increase your metabolism, trim down your body, and improve your total health.

How The Product Supposedly Works?

The design positions your body at an optimal angle and uses your own weight along with gravity to provide resistance as you swing back and forth. You simply kneel down onto the padded knee rests, put your hands on the handles in front of you, and start the motion. The circular force targets your core region all in one circular motion while taking the pressure off your neck and lower back.

The motion apparently makes your workout a lot more fun as it looks like you are just dancing than doing backbreaking sit-ups or pushups. It also allows you to adjust the settings according to your level of fitness.

Recommended Usage

Manufacturers claim that using this machine in just three and a half minutes every day is equivalent to a hundred strenuous sit-ups or crunches. It boasts of its ability to help you lose those love-handles, sculpt your midsection, and tone your hips, thighs, and butt without the usual 30 or more minutes of daily vigorous workouts using other machines or exercise programs.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides cardio workout and multiple exercise routines
  • Three levels of resistance – ideal for beginners, intermediate, and advanced users
  • Made with durable gym grade steel with full safety certification
  • Friction free track that lets you move smoothly off the floor
  • Easy to assemble and compact design folds for easy storage

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