Best Ab Workout Machines

by Kurt Mattice on January 16, 2019

Rank #1 Flex Belt


Landing on the top spot is Flex Belt – a device designed for everybody regardless of the current fitness level. What’s more, it’s best for people who are either too busy or just can’t be bothered to work up a sweat the old fashioned way. Casual exercisers, people with sore back, and even new mothers can use it.  The equipment uses electrical impulses to contract and relax your ab muscles for you so you get toned abs minus all the effort that you have to do with other workout equipment.

Compared to other machines or ab toning products, Flex Belt has published third party clinical studies where 100% of the participants reported positive result – meaning their abs got more toned and firmed. This FDA-cleared technology does not actually require hard work or exercise while using it. You can use it virtually anywhere and while you are busy doing something else.

While most products provide 30-day guarantee, Flex Belt offers full 60 days satisfaction guarantee and 2-year warranty period.

Side-by-Side Comparison

Ab Workout Machine Price Ease of Use
and Comfort
Frequency of Use Rating Recommended Place
to Buy the Product
Flex Belt 30 minutes daily,
after 4 weeks use 2 to 3 times
a week
5/5 stars
Pro Source Fitness Dual Ab Wheel 30 minutes
a day
4/5 stars Buy Pro Source Fitness Dual Ab Wheel
ProForm Ab Glide 3 minutes
a day
4/5 stars
Ab Rocket Abdominal Trainer 5 minutes
a day
3/5 stars Buy Ab Rocket Abdominal Trainer
Pure Fitness Ab Crunch Bench 3 to 5 times
a week
3/5 stars Buy Pure Fitness Ab Crunch Bench


Although it is more expensive among other ab machines, it is clear that the one to beat is Flex Belt based on features, ease of use, and real user reviews on the best-selling exercise machines on the internet. Pro Source Ab Wheel which comes in close second has the advantage, however, especially when it comes to the price tag.

While all these equipment can help you get that sexy and toned abs, take note that a proper and healthy diet goes hand in hand with exercise for the purpose of burning fats and increasing muscle tone. That said, you have to incorporate healthy food consumption into your regimen if you have layers of fat covering your abdominal muscles.

Although these equipment are designed with your health and fitness in mind, it’s still best to consult your doctor prior to trying out any of these if you have health conditions including but not limited to asthma, heart disease, liver or kidney problem, diabetes, and arthritis.

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