Does Ab Glider Work? We Have the Truth

by Kurt Mattice on December 20, 2019


Real User Reviews

Let’s see if real experiences can support all those claims. Here are some feedback from users on other Ab Glider reviews that represent the general sentiment of the people.

This user says it’s fun to do…

It’s great but…

Not too comfortable…

Does It Really Work?

While Ab Glider has obviously garnered positive reviews, it is clear that is also has its share of negative feedback. It can be noted that complains are particularly about the quality or structure of the machine. So for that reason, I could not highly recommend the product.

Better Alternative

There are other well-liked ab toning machines in the market due to quality and efficiency. One device that is worth looking into is the Flex Belt.  If your aim is to tone and firm your abs, this FDA-cleared device is clinically proven to deliver the results you desire.

Flex Belt employs a patented Electro Muscular Stimulation (EMS) technology that has been in use in the health industry for over 30 years now. It basically targets your abs by stimulating the nerves which branch out through the muscles in your tummy making them contract and relax naturally. Clinical studies have proven that the system works and results to more toned and firmed abs.

What many people love about this device most is that you don’t have to exert too much effort to make it work. It will work on its own even when you are doing something else. That means you can get busy with all sorts of things while it’s wrapped around your belly  transforming how you look and feel.

Read more about Flex Belt from and find out what actual users are saying about it:

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