Ab Ripper X: 11 Steps to Six-Pack Abs

3. Crunchy Frog – This is very similar to the ins and outs except for the position and movement of your hands. Stretch your arms straight and wide, and as you bring your knees into your chest, pull your arms around your knees. Every time you straighten your legs, open your arms wide again. Take a break if you need to.

4. Cross Leg/ Wide Leg Sit-Ups – There are two versions to do these sit-ups. You can either cross your legs or spread your legs apart. Either way, lie on your back and put your right arm behind your head. Raise your left arm pointing toward the ceiling, reach up and then over to touch your toe. Go back to your original position, switch the hands, and repeat the exercise. Keep your chin off your chest all the time to avoid straining your neck.

5. Fifer Scissors –  Lie down with your hands on the floor next to your body. Kick the left leg out an inch off the floor and your right leg raised up as high as you can. Switch legs going back and forth and remember to keep both legs off the floor. The key is to flex your feet and straighten your legs the best that you can.

6. Hip Rock And Raise – Bend your legs with knees pointing out from each other, and the heels of your feet touching. The distance between the upper and lower leg should stay the same. Rock backwards and raise your hips upwards bringing your legs up in the air on the same position – pointing out from each other and your feet together. Bring your hips down and repeat.

7. Pulse Ups or Heels to Heaven – Raise your legs together straight up in the air. At first you may find it difficult to keep your legs straight up but you will work it out in time. Keep your heels up and toes pointing down. Put your hands on your sides and then move your hips and down. Do your best to keep both feet straight up and push your heels as high as possible.

8. V-Up/Roll Up – Lie down and keep your legs straight. Raise your hands toward the ceiling. Raise your torso and touch your toes. Slowly roll back and when your lower back hits the floor, your legs come up and reach your toes again. Keep your hands in the air and bring your legs back down. Repeat the same motions.

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