Ab Ripper X: 11 Steps to Six-Pack Abs

9. Oblique V-Ups – Now on your side with your legs at a 30-degree angle, one arm at your side, and another behind your head. Keep your legs straight and then bring them towards your chest. Your weight should be placed on your hips and butt. Repeat on the other side.

10. Leg Climbs –  With one leg straight up in the air and the other half bent and planted on the floor, reach straight up and touch your toes. If you want it easy, you can grab the side of your leg once, twice, or more before touching your toes. If you want it harder, you can reach up and directly touch your toes, then back down.

11. Mason Twist – Clasp your hands into a fist while sitting up with knees slightly bent. Lift your legs up off the floor and with your clasped fist, reach one side of the floor, quickly tap it, and do the same over to the other side of your body. Do 40 repetitions or as many as you can.

The combination and succession of movements in this exercise do not only target your abs but also tap into your total core strength. If you master this regimen, you will get abdominal muscle strength and improved overall health. However, no exercise can get you sexy, six pack abs if you do not have discipline and if you are not eating the right kind of diet.

Watch how they do the 11 steps to six-pack abs

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