ChaLean Extreme Reviews: Does It Really Work?

by Kurt Mattice on May 12, 2019


  • Risk of injury. You may end up hurting yourself if you don’t follow the exercises properly as you will be pushed really hard. You will have to be particular with your form to avoid getting hurt.
  • Intensity. The exercises may be too difficult for some users who never had weight resistance training before.
  • Cost. The basic workout system may be costly for those with a budget. It would be helpful if you stick with the resistance bands instead of using weights. Chalene recommends using the bands anyway.
  • Meal Plan. The suggested meal plan may be difficult for those who have limited time.

Real User Reviews

Now let’s find out what actual users have to say about the program. Here are just a few excerpts from other ChaLean Extreme reviews which sum up the general opinion.

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Does It Really Work?

Chalene applies exercises and healthy diet in her program which are basic principles to overall fitness. Backed by real user experiences which are slanted toward positive, it just reveals that the program actually works for shedding fats and building leaner muscles. It is clear based on user feedback that the regimen is not for the faint of heart. You will be pushed beyond your limits and can expect to burn more calories and see positive results.

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