Insanity Workout Review: Real Users Tell All

Real User Reviews

Here are a few excerpts taken from other Insanity workout reviews. The following are from actual individuals who have tried the program themselves.

No pain, no gain…

Not for everybody…

Does It Really Work?

With tons of positive reviews, it is clear that the program does deliver on its promise. Men and women alike are happy to share the Insanity workout results and are confident in recommending it to others. Users are professing that the system has made them lose unwanted fats and excess weight, improved their balance and agility, and transformed their bodies. However, it is also clear that is not easy. You will have to want to make a change, take the challenge, and pursue it otherwise it is not meant for you. Additionally, reviews also prove that it is not for people who are intending to build muscles or bulk up. It is more on strengthening, shaping, and leaning your body.

The Best Place To Buy It

While Insanity workout DVDs can be found on several retailers on the web, the safest and most reliable source is only the official website. It also happens to be the only place where you can get the best available deal. The site offers easy payment options where you can either select single payment or 3 monthly payments of $39.95.

Your kit includes the 10 workout DVDs, and 4 FREE gifts such as the elite nutrition plan, fitness guide, Insanity workout calendar, and online support tools. Your purchase is also protected by a 60-day money back guarantee.

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