Looking to Buy TurboFire? Read These Warnings First

Hello there! I know that finding the type of exercise that suits you best can be a bit difficult. While all training programs are designed to make you fit and improve your body, not all exercises have the same goals. If you’re looking to improve your physical endurance and stamina, then you’ve come to the right page because here I’ll be sharing everything I learned about TurboFire – the intense cardio-conditioning program which they say also includes strength, balance, and flexibility workouts. I have here plain facts and feedback from real users which can help you determine whether it’s worth a try or worth forgetting. (Updated for 2013)

What Is TurboFire?

Turbofire is a strength training program designed by American fitness expert, choreographer, and entrepreneur, Chalene Johnson. The exercise video is developed and sold by Beachbody, creator of several popular video-based fitness programs. According to its website, Turbofire emphasizes vigorous cardiovascular workouts involving series of punches, leaps, kicks, abdominal exercises, and dance moves. While it is suitable for both men and women, it is more geared toward women and the instructor is the creator herself, Chalene Johnson who shows you the right form for every move you’ll make.

How Does It Work?

Turbofire is a 90-day cardio conditioning program packed with 14 workout classes including hottest music and moves, and high intensity interval training that apparently scorches up to nine times as many calories as a conventional workout. TurboFire classes which involve Fire Drills also referred to as High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT is the key element of this regimen. The drills push you to your limits for up to 1-minute bursts with rapid recovery periods. Studies have shown that HIIT increases metabolism which enables your body to torch more calories for up to 48 hours after exercise. The classes include the following:

  • Get Fired Up and Fire Starter Classes – guide you through the program so you can start on the right foot and get the best results.
  • Sculpting and Toning Classes – Resistance exercises to shape your arms and legs lasting 30 minutes and another 30 minutes for toning your overall muscles.
  • Fire Classes – 30 minutes for strengthening your core, 40 minutes sweating away calories and cardio conditioning, 45 minutes for shaping your body, and 55 minutes for scorching even more calories.
  • Stretch/Yoga Classes – 10 minutes of stretching to prevent injuries and speed up recovery before and after class.
  • HIIT Classes – Low-impact (not to be confused with low intensity – meaning no need to jump to burn calories) workout with six drills for 20 minutes; another low-impact exercise with seven drills; shorter workout packed with nine drills for 15 minutes; and scorching fat with seven fire drills lasting 20 minutes.


  • You get benefits from cardiovascular, resistance, balance, and flexibility workouts.
  • No need to go to the gym for this kind of exercise
  • No massive equipment to maintain
  • Offers modifications for moves that are difficult to perform
  • The setting makes you feel like you’re in a real class.


  • The cost for the kit is a bit high.
  • Moves are more on dancing and not as athletic compared to other programs
  • It is extreme and not ideal for ultimate fitness beginners.

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