Does Power Half Hour Work? See Real Reviews Here

by Kurt Mattice on April 22, 2019

Real User Reviews

I gathered the following excerpts to give you idea what actual users are saying about the program. Out of the host of feedback I found, these actually sum up the general opinion.

This user likes it but the DVD he purchased was in poor condition.

Is it worth the money?

Does It Really Work?

The program’s sound principles of weight loss – exercise and healthy diet plus real user experiences which are mostly positive show that Power Half Hour actually works. As long as you’re committed to see results, Power Half Body has what you need to bring yourself to the body weight and shape you desire.

The Best Place To Buy It

Before trying out this program yourself, I would advise you to be wary when making your online purchase. Not all retailers offer the same kit and bonuses that’s why I would recommend getting it only from the official website where you’ll also find the best deal.

The kit includes 5 DVD workouts and 3 bonuses such as a nutritional guide, 30-day power tracker, and a workout calendar. Your purchase is also protected by a 30-day money back guarantee should the program fail to meet your expectations.

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