Does Sensa Really Work? Find Out Here

by Kurt Mattice on April 11, 2019


  • Not easy on the pocket. The cost of maintaining the system for 6 months can actually allow you to buy healthy foods or invest in an exercise machine or gym membership.
  • No lifestyle changes. For some people this could be an advantage as there is no need to adapt to new routines. Exercise is important for overall health and the product may leave you thinking that you do not need to do anything more. It could also make you complacent and regularly eat unhealthy food knowing you are eating less anyway.
  • Side effects. Some of the Tastants contain soy and milk ingredients hence temporary side effects such as stomach irritation and loose bowels may be experienced by those who are lactose intolerant. Maltodextrin, the key ingredient of Sensa is made from cornstarch and may cause some allergic reactions.

Real User Reviews

Now let’s see if real user experiences can substantiate manufacturer claims.

Here’s one from someone who wants to speed it up…

This user continues to eat without restriction

These are just a few excerpts that actually sum up the general opinion on Sensa.

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