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If you’re looking for reviews on Jillian Micahaels Body Revolution then you won’t be disappointed that you’ve landed on this page. Before trying out any fitness program, it is essential to know what it could offer you and how you could possibly achieve your goal using a particular routine. Here you’ll find what it’s all about, how it could benefit you, or if it’s actually good for you in the first place.

What is Jillian Michaels Body Revolution?

The Jillian Michaels Body Revolution is a fitness program crafted by Jillian Michaels herself, an American personal trainer, talk show host, entrepreneur, and reality show personality who is best known for her appearances on The Biggest Loser, Losing It With Jillian, and The Doctors. The system is split into three progressive phases, each lasting one month for a total of 90 days. Every routine features a low-impact modifier so you can follow Jillian regardless of your fitness level.

How Long Does It Take To Work?

According to its official site, the main objective of this program is to maximize your diet and fitness potential so you’ll get dramatic results at an accelerated pace. The program apparently offers a complete set of compact, super-effective 30-minute workouts and a healthy diet plan which will aid you in transforming your entire body in just 90 days.

How The Program Supposedly Works

The program consists of 3 phases that lead to total body transformation.

  1. Phase 1 – is composed of workouts that bring you on the fast track to weight loss using metabolic makeover. It has 4 different workouts plus 1 low-impact cardio moves.
  2. Phase 2 – is composed of greater resistance, dynamic movements, and more challenging routines. It has intermediate cardio workouts with low to high impact moves that maximizes calorie and fat burn.
  3. Phasd 3 – is the culmination of the entire program which polishes your muscles and abliterates any remaining fats. The cardio moves are accelerated, high energy, and high impact that burns more calories per minute for a total body transformation.

To better understand how the routines could help you get the body you long for, I have outlined the following features and benefits.

Features and Benefits

  • 90-day, 3 phase weight loss program for only 30 minutes a day that provides you the knowledge, support, and power to transform your body
  • Biggest Loser secrets. The same secrets and science that Jillian used to totally transform Biggest Loser contestants
  • Metabolic training that integrates all of the most progressive workout techniques employed by world-class athletes into one program. Metabolic training techniques do not only burn more calories but also literally accelerates metabolism long after you have finished the workout. It means you continue burning fats and calories at a higher rate for up to 16 hours after exercise.
  • Different exercises personally constructed by Jillian to keep you from getting bored.
  • 4 metabolic training workouts and 1 cardio workout
  • Complete tools including 15 DVDs, resistance cable, fitness guide, customizable 90-day fat-burning meal plan, 90-day journal, and FREE 30-day web club access. Package also includes a bonus 7 day Kick Start Your Metabolism diet plan to help detox your body and curb your food cravings or addictions.
  • No heavy fitness machine required. Just a set of dumbbells, a small space, 30 minutes a day, and your determination are required.


  • Workouts are only 30 minutes long so it’s ideal for those who are busy and have no plenty of time to go to the gym or do other time-consuming routines.
  • Emphasizes the importance of both full exercise routine and healthy diet plan to achieve your target
  • Works for every fitness level. Ideal for beginners to the most advanced exerciser.

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