Contour Abs Review: Does The Contour Ab Belt Really Work?

Hi there! Are you wondering how those ab belts advertised on TV could possibly give you the abs you’ve always wanted? In this Contour Abs review, you will find out  how this ab belt works, its benefits, downsides, and what actual users are saying about the product to help you determine whether or not it’s worth a shot.

What Is Contour Abs Belt?

The Contour Abs Belt is a device designed to function as a core sculpting system that will help tone and define your abs without the need for traditional ab routines such as crunches, sit-ups and the like.

How Does Contour Abs Work?

The Contour belt employs a technology that targets and contracts all your ab muscles including the upper and lower abs, obliques, and even the stubborn lower belly area. This technology is called Electronic Muscle Stimulation or EMS, the same technique used for over 30 years in the medical industry and for high caliber athletes to fix or rehabilitate muscles.

The Contour Abs has been re-engineered to use EMS on healthy muscles that have become weak or have lost their firmness. It releases gentle electronic pulses that stimulate the nerves located just beneath the skin which will then incite the muscles and cause them to flex and relax.

Using the Contour Belt is like performing several exercises at once – a standard crunch, trunk twists, elbow to knee bends, and leg raises which all target the upper abs, left and right obliques, love handles, and lower abs. Each session with the Contour Abs gives you 150 perfect contractions using a revolutionary technology that does not require long hours of straining and sweating.

The belt is all you need for every session. There is no room or mat required to work out your abs. The Contour Abs Belt is a portable go-anywhere device that you wear around your tummy and will do its job no matter where you are.

How Often Should You Use It?

While using it daily is going to produce visible results within 2 to 3 weeks, results may vary among users depending on various factors including frequency of use, diet and exercise, and intensity level. The higher the intensity level, the faster the results. You should, however choose the appropriate level of intensity that you can tolerate.

In addition, diet and exercise are crucial to total body transformation. If you have to lose a lot of pounds, it is not rational to expect flat, toned, abs if you do not incorporate proper nutrition and regular exercise into your system. The Contour Core Sculpting System includes an eating plan to help you choose the right food. It also has an exercise guide to help you lose body fats safely while maintaining your muscle mass.

Who Can Use It?

The EMS technology is suitable for people of all ages particularly those with weak, tired, or old muscles needing an effective way to regain strength, firmness, and tone. If, however, you are pregnant, have a heart disease, epilepsy, or have any other medical conditions, it is not recommended to use the belt. Better refer to your physician if you intend to use the product.

Features And Benefits

  • FDA cleared. The Contour Abs Belt is cleared by FDA for strengthening and toning healthy muscles.
  • Portable. You can use it anywhere and be discreet. Nothing should hinder you from making your abs look great.
  • Promotes diet and exercise. It comes with a diet and exercise guide to help you achieve better results.


  • Not particularly designed for weight loss. If your objective is to scorch fats and shed off an enormous amount of weight then you could get disappointed. The manufacturer does not claim to make you lose weight. It is designed to rejuvenate, tone, and firm the abs. To check fitness equipment or programs intended for abs and weight loss, you may read our article on the Best Ab Workout Machines.
  • Not ideal for individuals with or recovering from injury. There are certain programs suitable for people recovering from injury. Tai Cheng – a unique physical training approach can be an option instead.

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