Slendertone Review: Is It As Good As They Say?

Getting the abs you want is not a mission you can complete overnight. It takes discipline, time, commitment, and for many athletes, fitness experts and enthusiasts, and celebrities – a device to help shape, tone, and strengthen the abs. If you came here to find out if Slendertone is the right tool for that then read on as we reveal its advantages and disadvantages plus real user reviews.

What Is Slendertone?

Slendertone is a subsidiary company of Bio-Medical Research Ltd (BMR) which manufactures medical quality electrical stimulation products that have undergone clinical studies and trials. Slendertone is renowned worldwide for providing products that improve muscle tone and it is the company which produced the first toning belt that was cleared for market by the US Food and Drug Administration. All its products are classified under the European Medical Device Directive and it has already sold over 6.1 million toning belts the world over.

Clinical Studies

According to its official website, every product of Slendertone goes through the same meticulous research and development process so customers can be confident that the products are created according to the highest standards and have been proven safe and effective in repeated clinical trials.

The company’s scientists, researchers, and developers are experts in exercise science, electronics, mechanical engineering and embedded software which work together with local and global universities in sophisticated R&D programs.

Ab Belts For Men And Women

The company has created several ab toning belts to specifically meet the various needs of men and women. All their ab toning belts are rigorously tested and were subjected to independent research which has shown that Slendertone’s core strengthening systems help firm and strengthen major abdominal muscles. The belts are essential supplements to any core strengthening program which activates internal and external obliques, tranversus abdominus, and rectus abdominus. With FDA approval and EMS technology, the ab belts apparently produce safe, deep muscle contractions that activate the anterior abdomen helping users to develop stronger cores.

How Do They Work?

Slendertone uses a technology that has been used for over 40 years in the medical industry around the world to strengthen and rehabilitate muscles. It is called EMS or Electronic Muscle Stimulation. This technology creates strong, deep muscle contractions to tone your body. Signals are sent between the device’s gel pads, switching on the nerves that control your muscles and then contract them naturally.

Slendertone Flex Pro

Slendertone System Abdominal Muscle Toner 7P with rechargeable controller or simply known as the Slendertone Flex Pro is the brand’s unisex toning belt which apparently strengthens and tones major core muscles in weeks. It has 7 customizable toning programs with different duration and pulse rhythms and up to 99 intensity levels so you can continuously challenge yourself to get the toned abs you want. It is designed to specifically target the main core muscles including areas not directly in contact with the gel pads, the upper and lower abs, the sides, and deep girdle muscle. This belt is suitable for waist sizes 24 to 47 inches and fits up to 56 inches with the included extender.

Recommended Usage

Just 30 minutes a day, 5 times a week for 6 to 8 weeks together with a nutritious diet and regular exercise, you will achieve a stronger, more toned mid-section.

What’s In The Kit?

The kit includes a rechargeable controller and charger, 1 set of 3 gel pads, extender, quick start guide, user manual, and travel pouch.


  • Quality. It is a medical device quality product which was subjected to rigorous process during manufacturing.
  • Clinically proven. The product and all other Slendertone belts are backed by clinical trials at major global universities and have been proven to be safe and efficient.
  • Easy to use. The product is easy to set up and use. Conrary to other toning ab belts which are bulky and uncomfortable, this belt is lightweight and breathable. It also comes with user instructions that are easy to follow.
  • Warranty. The belt is backed by a 2-year full warranty.


  • Gel pads may wear off easily. There are tips how you can keep the gel pads in good condition though and if they need to be changed, replacement pads can easily be obtained from the official site and other retailers.
  • Contraindication. If you are wearing a pacemaker, have an abdominal implant or are receiving frequent abdominal injections, and if you are pregnant – the product is not suitable for you. If you have any other medical condition, consult your doctor prior to trying the device.
  • Price. It is quite expensive compared to other ab belts in the market.

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