Does Iron Gym Work? We Reveal The Truth


While it’s good to have an exercise equipment at home to save you time and money going to the gym, it’s not always beneficial. If what you own is not suited to your needs, not as sturdy as it’s supposed to be, and does not provide the results it claims then it’s useless and needless to say – a rip-off.

If you’re considering getting the Iron Gym but can’t be sure if it’s just another tool that could potentially end up in the corner of your room unused, then my research could help enlighten you. I’ve gathered insider facts and real user experiences to help you determine whether or not this product is worth a shot.

What is Iron Gym?

It could be very easy to decide at one look that it is not capable of delivering what it claims because the Iron Gym is a simple-looking piece of equipment. It is a multi-function training bar that is mounted into your door frame with no drilling, tools, or fasteners required to secure it into place. It is designed for upper body and midsection exercises so your chest, arms, shoulders, back, and abs are toned and strengthened supposedly in just three days.

The advertisements  say it can turn any door frame into your own personal gym in just seconds because it easily wraps around it and employs leverage so there’s no need for tools to attach it and it’s not supposed to leave any damage to your door.  However, it is actually designed to fit residential door frames about 24 to 32 inches wide with doorway molding of up to 3.5 inches wide. While you don’t bolt or screw it, the infomercials don’t say that the package actually includes an unobtrusive bracket so you can secure it to the door frame. The equipment can also be removed easily in seconds.

How Does It Work?


The equipment consists of a straight bar with two carved bars attached to it. It is covered with foamed grips for your comfort. To help you build a powerful upper body, the Iron Gym can hold up to 300 pounds and features 3 different grip positions so you can do narrow grip, wide grip, and neutral grip pull-ups.You can modify your routine by turning your hands around with your palms facing you so you can do the chin-ups.

Another way to exercise with Iron Gym is to place it on the floor for deep push-ups for a greater range of motion without straining your wrists. You can also secure it at the bottom of your door frame so you can do tricep dips and crunches to work out your abs and obliques.


  • Multifunctional.  You can do 4 different exercises with it.
  • Affordable.  You can have a gym-like experience at the comfort of your home for a reasonable price.
  • Easy to install and remove. No tools required for putting it in place. Easy to mount and detach.
  • Equipped with soft handles. It’s also comfortable for the hands. You don’t get calluses.
  • Yields results. When used regularly, you will achieve positive results


  • Doesn’t fit all door frames. Works for average size doors otherwise you will need to get extension or consider modification.
  • Limited range of exercises. Although you can do 4 different exercises, you can’t do lower body routines.
  • Not particularly for weight loss. Cardio-based and lower body exercises are often necessary for increasing metabolism and weight loss. This is a total upper body regimen.

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