Does Slim In 6 Work? See Real User Reviews

Hi there! If you’re considering getting Slim In 6 to help you hit your weight loss target, then you’ve come to the right page. Here you’ll find what this program is all about, its advantages and disadvantages, and real user reviews to help you determine whether or not it could really deliver on its promise.

What Is Slim In 6?

Developed and created by one of the leading wellness experts Debbie Siebers and distinguished multinational corporation in the fitness industry – Beachbody, Slim In 6 is a weight loss system containing 3 phases of workouts that are supposedly designed to sculpt your body, strengthen and tone your abdominal muscles, improve your flexibility, and lose up to 25 pounds in just 6 short weeks.

What’s In The Program?

Slim In 6 has 3 slimming workouts in 3 DVDs. The workout phases include:

  1. Start it Up! – This is a 30-minute video that introduces moderate intensity workout to let you start melting fats and slim down.
  2. Ramp it Up! – A 45-minute accelerated calorie-burning exercises that target your hips, thighs, and abs.
  3. Burn it Up! – A 60-minute advanced calorie burning workout.

How Does It Work?

Sieber’s key to achieving weight loss in 6 weeks is Slim Training. It is a combination of low-impact cardio moves and light resistance that brings you into the optimal fat-burning zone and keeps you on that level longer. The process scorches fats as you tone your muscles and reshape your body faster.

The program uses the right amount of resistance required for shaping and toning a sexy beautiful body so you actually slim down and not bulk up.

In her official website, Siebers said, “Exercise is just step one. It’s about finding a balance between being at peace with yourself, eating nutritious meals consistently, and finding a passion for whatever you’re doing.”

So to make the system even more effective, it encourages you to consistently eat healthy and it offers the essential tools to keep you motivated in your journey to weight loss.


  • Provides results in a shorter period of time. Many programs would take longer to achieve similar results.
  • Balanced program. It does not rely on exercise alone but promotes healthy eating habits as well for overall health.
  • No pills required. No need to buy special supplements to reach your goal.

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