JCORE Review: The Truth Revealed

Hi there! If you came here to find out what JCore really is then you won’t be disappointed. This article details everything you need to know about this fitness program including its good and bad sides plus real user experiences to help you determine whether or not this could be the ideal workout routine for you.

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What Is JCORE?

JCore is an accelerated body transformation system using a home fitness workout and healthy eating plan. It is created by one of the best celebrity trainers today, fitness and wellness expert Jay Cardiello. JCore is designed to put your body in the best shape in just 40 days. According to its official website, the program is based on the concept of rapid muscle response training which is designed to create strength and stability with targeted 30-second result blasts. Essentially, that means you are changing exercises every 30 seconds and for every 30 seconds, you are getting results.

How It Works

JCore’a accelerated body transformation formula consists of rapid muscle response, 30-second results blasts, and fast flow. Rapid muscle response works by swiftly stimulating your muscles to increase your metabolism to burn fat using a special combination of strengthening and stabilizing movements. These movements which are done in 30-second result blasts fast flow from one motion to the next forcing your brain to fire more quickly and to re-stabilize so your muscles are working more rapidly and adjust to your body’s position. The workouts last for only 20 minutes with result blasts that deliver much faster, much safer, and much better weight loss and toning results compared to the usual cardio and strength training out there.

The combines the fat burning and muscle building processes into 6 DVDs – 5 rapid 20-minute workouts and 1 intro/fit test.

  1. Fit Test. Here you will get introduced to Jay whom you will be working with for 40 days, and you will find out your current state of fitness.
  2. Rev Up. This workout includes powerful moves designed to raise your metabolism.
  3. Cardio Core. This workout offers a combination of cardio and lean body sculpting movements that will challenge your muscles with targeted training from a range of different angles using varied tempos.
  4. Fire Fit. The exercises in this stage will work and condition your upper and lower body which will surely increase your calorie burn.
  5. Hardcore. This targeted super-toning core routine shreds your abs and blasts your midsection without putting stress on your neck and back.
  6. Release. Here you will learn a series of stretches and breathing routine. It provides you a powerful and exhilarating sequence of motions that will revitalize your body.

Required Equipment

  • 4 feet of space. That is all. Unlike most fitness routines that require several pieces of equipment, JCore will slim you down and rip you up no matter what condition or fitness level you are in without equipment as long as you have 20 minutes to spare 4 days a week.


  • Short workout time. It is easy to commit to this program with such a short amount of time required.
  • Cost effective. No gym membership to maintain and no equipment to purchase.
  • Quick results. You get toned, strengthened, and slimmed down in just 40 days.
  • Promotes healthy eating. The system includes a nutritional plan for a complete body transformation.


Although the program is ideal for all fitness levels, individuals who have already graduated from extreme workout routines may not find the exercises challenging enough to make them stick to JCore. Conversely, it is a good option for maintaining your shape after finishing an intense regime.

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