Ab Belt Guide: Comparison of the Best


Ab belts are very popular nowadays. These are devices designed to contract the muscles in your stomach so you’ll get firmer, more toned, and strengthened abs. This article details the best ab belts today with their strengths and weaknesses so you’ll know which one to invest in if you’re considering to get one. The comparison is based on features, efficiency, customer reviews, and price.

All these products are employing the electronic muscle stimulation or EMS technology that has been used for years in the medical industry. All three are also FDA-approved.

No. 3 Slendertone

Slendertone is a popular name when it comes to ab belts. It has a variety of belt options for men and women beginning from the entry-level Slendertone Flex to their most powerful ab belt, New Slendertone Abs. The intensity levels of these ab belts range from 1 to 99 with 6 available programs. The belt has to be used for 30 minutes every day – at least 5 days a week. The company guarantees you will get results in just 4 to 6 weeks. According to its official website, 100% of users in a clinical trial have reported firmer and more toned abs.

While a lot of users are pleased with the product, it is obvious based on most customer reviews that Slendertone is not free of any negative feedback. Many users have reported that the gel pad wear out easily that you have to purchase replacements every few months. It is also important to note that the company’s promise to fast-track your way to six pack using their most powerful ab belt is not possible without a healthy diet and regular workout routine.

Because Slendertone offers a variety of belt options, they also come in different prices. Compared to similar products, however, Slendertone is a good option if you are after the least expensive. You will have to consider the cost for the gel pad replacement though since you may need to buy it quite often. Slendertone offers a 60-day money back guarantee and a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty against any faults.

To try one of Slendertone ab belts, visit the official website.

No. 2 Contour Ab Belt

Unlike the Slendertone, the Contour Ab Belt has one size that fits nearly all people. Its design allows for easy adjustments so small or large people can use it. Contour Abs has 22 different programs and 100 different intensity levels. While the company is confident on the efficiency of their product, they are encouraging using the belt in conjunction with healthy diet and regular exercise. According to the official site, the more you use the belt and the higher the intensity, the faster you will be able to notice results. The higher the intensity, the deeper and more complete muscle contraction occurs which leads to more toned and strengthened abs.

Contour Ab Belt has received tons of favorable feedback from customers. Still, it is not the perfect device for some users. Many have reported that it is quite bulky which makes it difficult to conceal underneath your shirt. Other belts are easier and quieter to conceal under your clothing for those times you want to wear it while doing some errands outside. Another downside is that the batteries are not rechargeable so you will have to buy AAA batteries quite often. Like the Slendertone, the gel packs also wear out rather easily.

Further information about this product and real user feedback can be found from our in-depth review on Contour Ab Belt.

Try Contour Ab Belt from the safe and which offers 30-day money back guarantee and 1 year warranty.

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