8 Best Workout Programs

Choosing the right workout program is highly essential whether you’ve just decided to start exercising or amp up your routine to the next level. With tons of workout plans available nowadays, it can be difficult to choose which is right or the best workout routine for you. To help you solve that dilemma, we’ve gathered here 8 of the best home workouts currently offered in the market each with its pros and cons.

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Rank No. 8 – Slim in 6

Designed to sculpt your body in just 6 short weeks, this program includes intense, high impact cardio workouts with low impact moves and resistance training that will burn fats, define your muscles, increase endurance, and improve overall strength. The program includes a nutritional plan for better results.


  • While anyone can do the program, the exercises are not extreme making it especially suitable for beginners. It is a good foundation or preparation for a higher intensity routine.


  • It can get boring for those who have already completed a much more difficult program and the exercises are geared toward women with more focus on sculpting the butt, hips, and thighs.

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Rank No. 7 – Chalean Extreme

This clinically proven 90-day fat-loss system uses lean phasing technique which shifts fat-burning focus from cardio to resistance training. It builds lean muscles and supercharges your metabolism so you keep burning fats even after workouts or even while you sleep.


  • It demonstrates clear direction to execute the exercises the safest way to prevent injury.
  • The kit includes motivational audio CD to keep your commitment up until you complete the program.


  • Workouts may get boring for some users who are used to more intense regimen.
  • It does not have much cardio workouts if that is what you are looking for.

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Rank No. 6 – Turbo Fire

This cardio workout is focused on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to help you burn up to 10 times more fats than any typical cardio routines. The exercises are fast paced with quick transitions that will keep your heart pumping up and down throughout the routine. The movements are, however, not complicated and have modifiers to suit your level.


  • Routines only take 10 minutes to under an hour which makes it suitable for people who do not have that much luxury of time.
  • It is ideal for any fitness level because of its modifiers. It is one of the home workouts that can even be done by those with health conditions as you can do intensity training but at low impact.


  • If you are already in good shape or have just finished an intense program, this may not be enough for you.

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Rank No. 5 – Tai Cheng

On the fifth spot is Tai Cheng, a 90-day program which incorporates movements, concepts, and principles of traditional Yang-style Tai Chi. The exercises are designed to condition your body, improve your metabolism, joint function, stress management, and athletic performance.


  • The program is essentially for everyone regardless of your fitness level. Exercises are low-impact making the program suitable even for those with a few ailments.
  • It helps alleviate painful joints, promotes balance and flexibility, and helps improve your health as you age.


  • It will not burn as many calories as other high intensity programs.
  • Individuals who are used to high-intensity workouts may find this a bit boring.

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