Will P90X2 Work For You? Get The Truth Here

Hi there! If you’re looking for an exercise program and wondering if P90X2 could provide you the results you’re aiming for, then you’ve made a smart decision by referring to this page. Here you’ll find out what P90x2 is all about, how it works, if it will work for you, all its good and bad stuff plus real user experiences to help you determine whether you should pursue it or find something else.

What Is P90X2

P90X2 is the successor of P90X – the home fitness program created by famous workout trainer Tony Horton. Like its forerunner, the P90X2 is a complete body workout program which includes instructional fitness DVDs, a workout schedule, and a nutritional plan. This home workout system is promising to deliver pro-level results in just 90 days.

While both have the same level of difficulty, P90X2 is actually a continuation of the first and is bent on making you more athletic whereas its predecessor intends to make you lose weight and grow muscles.

How Does It Work?

This intensive program claims to provide results that pro-athletes pursue. It uses applied sports science referred to as Muscle Integration where you will engage all your muscles with every move. You will do resistance moves on one foot, a ball, or some other unstable platform as the key here is ‘Instability’.

The cutting-edge workouts in P90X2 are designed to improve your balance, agility, core strength, and athleticism. The exercises are divided into 3 phases which target your foundation, strength, and performance.

Phase 1. This includes X2 Core to target your core using instability, X2 Balance and Power which mixes strength and plyometric movements, and more. This phase is focused on empowering your foundation.

Phase 2. This phase targets your strength using workouts like Plyocide combining intensive movements with mind coordination drills; chest, back, and balance, with the addition of unstable platforms.

Phase 3. In this stage your performance is the target. You will have a series of repeated movements that will actually work you out to the point of exhaustion.

Required Equipment

With P90X2, you only need a couple of dumbbells or resistance bands, and a space to do pull up exercises. Additional pieces of equipment are actually optional but will bring you more benefits such as a foam roller or RubleRoller, a stability ball, and two medicine balls. These can be purchased as part of the Deluxe or Ultimate Kits but can also be bought separately.

Who Can Do The P90X2?

While this program is actually a continuation of P90X, you do not need to have completed the first one to begin with this regimen. However, if your level of fitness is not yet ready for the intensity of P90X2, you can do the modified variations of the exercises that it offers. This will help you to adapt at your own pace. Conversely, if you think the exercises are way extreme, you should not force yourself into committing to the program. You can do less strenuous exercises first and work your way up to eventually do the P90X2.


  • Workout only 5 days a week. Other workout programs will require you to exercise daily or for 6 days a week. With P90X2, you have a couple of days to rest and recharge.
  • Different workout phases. Each phase has a unique focus and delivers great results.


  • Definitely not for beginners. Your level of fitness should be ready for the difficulty of this regimen. It is better to have a background on P90X or other less extreme programs then work your way up to P90X2.
  • Expensive. Compared to many workout programs, this is relatively more expensive. You may also be required to buy additional pieces of equipment .

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